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[IP] So happy to be pumping!

I just wanted to thank everyone on this listserve for providing info
about pumping!  Michael was so thoughtful to provide info on how to talk
my healthcare provider into putting me on a pump, and I have learned so
much just reading through the posts!  On Thursday, I went "live" (had
been on saline since last Saturday)!  It is just so amazing to me.  I had
wanted to be pumping for the last three years, but was denied by my
insurance.  While I'm a little apprehensive about skin infections,
changing my site, etc. (I woke up the first night thirsty and with a
terribly dry mouth and thought for sure I had super high blood
sugars--but was only 144--was coming down with a cold), I feel as if the
pump will be giving me a tremendous lease on life.

I've been diabetic for 27 years (am 41) and have been in pretty good
control for quite a few years by Hba1c standards (around 6), but  I have
terrible swings with highs and lows.  It is so great to be able to bolus
in such small increments, and my usage of insulin has decreased quite a
bit (although I'm watching carefully what I eat so I can figure out my
basal and bolus rates).  In the past two days, my highest blood sugar has
been 162, and my lowest 64.  Today, I ranged from 77 to 137 (I'm checking
about 15 times a day)!  I am just amazed!

My question:  does it stay this good?  I realize that this time of month
is optimum for me (not near my menses).  I am also eating small amounts
of easily-figured out carbs, and not exercising (due to a broken
shoulder)--so don't have to figure out how that will affect bg.  I'm just
hoping that it's not a "honeymoon period" like when first diagnosed, and
that my doctor won't be correct when he says that the pump won't take
care of my swings of highs and lows!

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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