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[IP] Re: Airline Security

I flew to Jamaica 2 weeks ago (my second air travel since 9/11) and had no 
problems.  Flying out of O'Hare,  they searched my carry on (I had a can of 
nuts and in retropect that probably looked suspicious going thru the x-ray 
machine).  I had a separate little case with some pump and diabetic supplies. 
 I told the security woman that it was my diabetic supplies and she seemed to 
not care.  She did however go through my little make-up bag rather carefully 
- I think looking for tweezers or small scissors!  Flying out of Jamaica they 
searched our luggage and carry on (carry on 2x) and never asked for a photo 
ID or our birth certificates - apparenlty they were more concerned with what 
we had in our luggage than who we were!  Again, they didn't say anything 
about the diabetic supplies (pumps, meters, etc.) but went thru the make-up 
case carefully.  My pump set of the metal detectors a few times, even with 
the wand. I said this is an insulin pump and showed it to them but no one 
seemed concerned about it.  I did take the insulin container and I had gotten 
a note from my doctor the last time I flew at the end ot September.

Supplies to take with:  I always have more than enough pump supplies in my 
suitcase and in my carry on so I could live off either if I had to.  I also 
take more than enough insulin, insulin pen and 2 meters and strips (these I 
keep with me so I don't have to worry about the temperature) and I would 
recommend extra batteries for pump and meter.   The battery on my One touch 
went to low on the flight there - luckily I had thought to get a battery for 
it before I left since it does not Take AA like the Accucheck Complete and 
I'm sure I would not have found the battery at the hotel!  It was in my 
suitcase so I couldn't get to it until I landed but I did have my other 
meter.  I also take a variety of food with me so I don't have to rely on 
anyone else.

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