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[IP] gastropariesis

my 13 yr old, D for 42 months, had many of these stomach problems last year. she
had alot of pain & bloating, nausea... TONS of pain at nite. it went on for
months.she was scoped, had a hydrogen lactose intolerance test.... no one ever
said "gastropariesis" but from everything i have read......... there is no doubt
in my mind. the gastroenterologist said these problems arent uncommon in those
with D :-(
what gets me, is that she was still honeymooning, and always had beautiful bgl's.
so she was put on prilosec, and for the pain, belladonna/phenobarb (dont remember
the brand name) and taken off lactose.
hope this helps.

sharon, mom to gabrielle 13, dx 5/98 (MDI)
and steven 7, dx 7/00 (pumping!!)

>Can anyone send info on theyre digestive problems...Just curious if any one
>has this bithersome problem ,,,as frustrating as i do...
>   Constantly bloated feeling,,cannot eat a whole sit down meal without
>feeling terrible 15 minutes after...
>  Pain,,usually at nite...

I have no digestive enzymes left in my body.  (My docs didn't call it
gastroparesis, however.)  They said it is very common in long-term
diabetics, since digestive enzymes come from the pancreas.

I was in the hospital about a year ago with this problem.  The docs
prescribed a digestive enzyme that I take every time I eat something (which
isn't too bad anymore.  I take a pill and bolus at the same time. )  Haven't
had a problem in a smidge over one year.

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