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RE: [IP] going on a trip-on topic!!!

Melissa Cahill <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Okay all you pros out there.  I am going on a 5 day trip (but will pack
>like I am never coming back!!) We will be 10 hours away from everything
>for the first time since pumping. (March 2001)

I recently spent a long weekend in London (flew out from Pittsburgh to
Gatwick Thursday night/Friday morning, and home Monday), and was about to
post a "security experience update" message -- good timing! :-)

Ok, first a little bit of background.  I'm a DTron user.  I get 9 days out
of the 300 unit cartridge, and 3 days out of each UltraFlex infusion set.  I
typically test 6-8 times per day.

Thursday morning before the trip began, I changed the cartridge and set.
Then I packed as follows:

3 infusion sets with appropriate tape, swabs, etc. (one of which I would be
needing Sunday morning)

spare battery for DTron

meter, 2 spare vials test strips (so ~75 strips total minus whatever was
gone from the "in use" vial)

a handful of extra lancets

NovoPen with a cartridge of Regular and a handful of needles, *and the box
the cartridges come in, complete with prescription label*.

Several each of Immodium, Pepto tablets, ibuprofen, etc.

All of the above except for the meter packed easily in a large belt bag,
which I then stuffed into my backpack (my "personal item" -- more below on
that).  The meter always goes in my small belt bag that I always wear.

I also packed 6 rolls of Sweet Tarts (my candy of choice for lows) and a bag
of dehydrated apples -- always make sure you're covered in that regard ;-)

Ok, so there's the supplies I brought.  You didn't indicate if this is a
flying trip or not, so you may be able to ignore the next section, but I
figure even if that's the case other IP'ers may find this information

So what was my experience at security like?  Surprisingly, and pleasantly,

Current guidelines are that you're allowed one carry-on item, such as a
small suitcase, and one "personal item".  The "personal item" is something
along the lines of a briefcase, purse, laptop computer, or backpack.  This
is how I've ALWAYS traveled anyway, so to me it's nothing new.

I packed my suitcase (a small carry-on legal roller) so that it contained
NOTHING "suspicious" -- just clothing, toiletries bag (which contains no
sharp objects like scissors or tweezers) and my camera.  I packed all the
diabetes supplies listed above into a large belt bag, and put that bag along
with my meter bag, keys, wallet, passport, a paperback, the food, etc., into
my backpack.  I also had a letter of medical necessity from my doctor, but
that's not really considered sufficient anymore, hence having the box with
pharmacy label in case I got questioned.

The idea was I made sure I'd pass through the metal detector unhindered and
able to quickly claim my bags on the other side, AND packed anything that
could cause problems in one easy-to-access place.  I did NOT request a hand
search of my backpack, but merely placed it on the belt and went along.

The result?  No security folks at either airport, PIT or LGW, so much as
raised an eyebrow -- I just went right through both checkpoints without even
getting slowed down.  After all the horror stories I'd heard with people
being delayed, having needles confiscated and whatnot, this was a very
pleasant surprise.  Like I said, though, I'd made things easy for them, and
did nothing to call undue attention to myself.

So to all IPers, plan ahead, pack smart, and ENJOY!
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