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[IP] Re: Meters compared to labs

Hi Jan,
       Just to clarify this:  I used a large drop of blood taken from the 
vein so that it would be enough to use on four strips inserted into four 
separate meters.   I wanted to see if the different meters gave comparable 
readings, rather than testing them against what the lab said.  Blood from a 
vein gives a different reading than finger poke (capillary) blood, but you 
can adjust for the difference.  Squeezing the finger to get more blood also 
can change the bg reading, which is why I wanted the big, consistent drop 
from the vein.  (In November 2000 Claire was doing lots of squeezing to get 
the finger prick and the lab result and meter result were quite different.)  
When we check our meter against the lab, we normally do a finger prick just 
after the blood draw.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire, 7
> >>> So the next time that Claire had blood taken from a vein I had the
> person give me a large drop of blood and I tested all four
> meters at the same time from this large drop. >>>
> I suppose Jim Handsfield can answer this - or anyone in the *know*:  When I
> compare my meter to a lab test, I use finger prick blood that I get as soon
> as the tech loosens the tourniquet and I poke myself. Is it better to use
> venal blood or capillary blood for this comparison for a home BG tester?
> (~_^)
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