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[IP] Sulfnbk.exe file

Ok, folks, a lot of you are deleting this file from your computer.  This is 
not a virus file (unless it's been infected by a virus, but just having it 
on your computer does not make it a virus).  The instructions about it 
being a virus and finding it and deleting it are a hoax.  For those of you 
who deleted this file from your computer, I believe Sam posted where you 
can go to get instructions to reinstall it off your Window's installation 
.  This file helps Windows to handle long file names.  You don't need it 
for normal operation, but it might come in handy one day.  Please, the best 
ways to protect yourselves from viruses is to install good virus protection 
software and keep the dat files updated regularly.  McAfee has a good 
program as does Symantec ( http://www.mcafee.com for McAfee and 
http://www.symantec.com  for Symantec will take you there.  Another 
protection is to never, ever open email attachments.  Both of these 
programs can also be purchased at your local computer software store.

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