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Re: [IP] Hope this is correct!

> Well, if I don't hear anything in response, I'll know
> for sure, won't I?  :)
> As some of you may know (or those who don't) my name
> is Eric and I'm a  diabetic.  I just recently received
> my insulin pump and am awaiting the classes that will
> teach me how to use it.  Talk about being impatient!
> I can't wait!  I have a few questions, if you don't
> mind a new guy asking them:
> 1) Considering the cost of infusion sets is it
> possible to:
> a) use a site longer than 3 days?

Some people can go longer than 3 days. I can not. After about 2 1/2 my BG
start heading up.

> b) re-use infusion sets (rethread catheter/needle,
> apply at different site ((how many times have you
> re-used a lancet?  I'm still using my original from 15
> years ago! ;)))

Probably not possible. Almost certainly not a good idea. The cather is
fragile and subject to kinking and damage. In addition if you do get it back
in there is probably a big problem with contamination, irritation of the
site and infection.

As for lancets - 10-15 years each does not seem unreasonable <VBG>. I
usually change mine when I change pump batteries (4-5 weeks).

> c) re-use cartridges? (I have the disetronic h plus
> and it seems simple enough to reuse, but is there any
> reason you can't?)

A number of people reuse cartridges. The main issue is  that is that you may
lose some of the lubricant and binding or leakage might become problems.

> I know this may seem cheap and miserly.  Rest assured,
> it is.  But since I am about to lose my health
> insurance for 3 to 4 months while my company
> restructures, I need to find ways to conserve as much
> as I can.
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