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Re: [IP] Sites pulling out from abdomen but not other areas

> We've been having trouble in the past month or so with Luke's
> sites pulling out or bending if they're in his abdomen, especially
> after P.E. or recess.  This hasn't happened with hip/buttock or love
> handle back sites.  We're thinking that he's just so lean now & that
> it gets close enough to muscle on his belly that when those get
> really exerted that they bend the cannula or pop it out.
> Luke uses QuickSets, 6mm with 43" tubing.  The tubing is usually
> coiled & tucked in his waistband, with about 6" free play to his
> pump & to his site.   Other than this issue, pump life with Novolog
> & QuickSets has gotten pretty smooth.
> Any suggestions?

What you describe is the same thing the happened occasionally with 
Lily when she used SofSets in her lower abdomen. Your analysis 
appears correct as well. Lily's solution was to switch to Sils. That 
pretty much eliminated the problem.
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