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[IP] Questions about 3 yr. old getting a pump

My three year old daughter, Madison,has had diabetes nearly 2 years.

She is on Lantus and Humalog.  She is very good about taking her shots.

Her 9 yr. old brother has a Mini -Med 508 and has had it about 9 mo.

We will prob. get a pump for Madison this spring.

I have several things about the pump I am anxious about.  I am wondering if
there is anyone on the list that has gotten their small child a pump and it
did not work out for them - or they wish they had stayed on shots?

Madison has BEEN potty trained but is having A LOT of accidents the last
couple of months.  It is mostly a nuisance to take her to the potty so often
when we are in town, and also changing her clothes so often.
I am wondering if the pump would help with the urinating problem.  I am
feeling like I should get her on the pump as soon as I can since the higher
sugars are probably making her wet her pants so much.

I am also concerned about the insertions - just having to do them in her.  I
am wondering if Silhouettes would be best since she is tiny -28 lbs. and thin.
I inserted a Silhouette in myself and it wasn't too bad. But she has so little
area to insert - I just dread the healing sites and the "wounds" left by the
insertions.  Also, just managing wearing the pump - how it works with dresses,
etc.and the managing the tubing.  Wondering about her self-esteem with the
pump - she is "girly" and loves pretty clothes, etc. And probably more than
for her I am wondering about my esteem or image problems with my darling
little girl wearing something "weird".  It looks pretty cool on Morgan, my
son, - like a pager or something.  He always clips it to his jeans waist and
manages it all himself for baths and bedtime, etc. Also, Madison's favorite
clothes are NONE! (around the house!)

Does anyone do insertions while the child is asleep?  Do any of you use Emla
cream to deaden the insertion site?  Does that work well?

ALSO, and importantly -- do those of you with small children dilute the
Humalog so that you can change basals by hundreths rather than tenths?  I
mentioned this to my endocrinologist but she doesn't think it would be
necessary, but I do!  Madison takes 4 units of Lantus and about 4-5 units of
Humalog per day.  That is not much when you divide it in half and divide by 24
hours.  What if .1 basal is too much at some times of day?

What do those of you with little ones on pumps do about wearing the pump - do
you use a waist pouch or the clip or what?  Is it a hassle to get the pump out
to bolus it?   My 9 year old does his own bolusing- but , I figure the dose.

Also, I guess just the record keeping with the carb counting for Madison
threatens me.  I write down everything my 9 year old son Morgan eats and we
weigh or measure it and figure carb.values etc. with a gram scale. I guess it
won't be that much harder for one more child, but........I do get so weary of
it!!  Morgan is learning to do more of it himself and I get older siblings to
help, too.

Thanks  for any encouragement.

Sybil Fisher
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