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[IP] ins. restructuring

>>>Also I was concerned when you said you would be without insurance for 3-4
months while your company restructures - I would really check into this -
that would put you into a "break in coverage" situation and any new
insurance may NOT cover you for anything diabetes related (and they can make
ANYTHING diabetes related) - cuz it's "pre-existing" and you won't be coming
into it with a certificate of previous coverage. >>>

The best way for a DMer to get insurance is through an employer. It sounds
to me that Eric's employer is restructuring and will have to offer employees
the new insurance. Most of the time all the ones who sign up are covered,
but if they refuse and try to enter later on, then the problems start. I
could be wrong, however. Worth finding out about. The employer *could*
probably find a way to make exceptions. (~_^)

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