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Re: [IP] going on a trip-on topic!!!

 >Okay all you pros out there.  I am going on a 5 day trip (but will pack like I am never coming back!!) We will be 10 hours away from everything for the first time since pumping. 

Can you all please send me a "list" of what you would take with you.  We are pumping, but I would appreciate lists from MDIers to as you never know what could go wrong.  ;-)  I know......paranoid!
> >
> >Thanks in advance!!!
> >
> >Missi

Hi Misse - well first of all I would definately take my spare pump - but if you don't use a disetronic h-tron - that isn't going to help you. (OK got the orneries out). But even with a back-up pump I still take syringes with me when I travel - if you are going to be completely out in the middle of no-where then you may want to take syringes as if you were doing shots.

Batteries (both for pump and meter) (2 sets in case they are bad)
Spare Meter
Infusion sets and catridges double what you expect to need for that time period
Extra prep swabs
Strips 3 x what you would normally use (you may be making extra checks)
Instruction book for pump
Lots of snackies
flashlight so as to see in the dark for whatever
Lots of glucose tabs
frosting or glucose gel for if you are all but unconscious
Extra Lancets
Any OTC meds you normally take, plus maybe cold stuff etc
Nearest Docs name from list to nearest reasonably sized burg you are going to be at

Thats all I can think of at the moment.

Linda & Dax
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