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Re: [IP] Re: IP] Hope this is correct!

  1) Considering the cost of infusion sets is it
  possible to:
  a) use a site longer than 3 days?

  I leave mine in until they go bad or hurt. Usually 5-7 days when I have a
great set, less than 24 hours if I hit a capillary:) I average 4 days a set. I
have had a couple site infections tho, so change at first sign of
redness/discomfort. Check the set out frequently after third day in.

  b) re-use infusion sets (rethread catheter/needle, apply at different site

  It works with Rapids and needle sets but not with teflon cathether sets.
I've moved rapids a bit, but they lose their stickiness and require much
taping after the first reposition.

  c) re-use cartridges? (I have the disetronic h plus and it seems simple
  enough to reuse, but is there any reason you can't?)

  I use mine twice. Otherwise they lubricant in themdies and the insulin
pusher thingee (plunger?) sticks. Cartridges do have limits to their
lifespans. I change cartridges w/o set changes often to aviod wasting sets and

  My insurance hates me and my pump and claims I do not even have a pump
(lol!) so I have to be very frugal. They finally acknowledge I have and need a
pump but now refuse to pay for cartridges and filling syringes...silly

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