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Re: [IP] Re: IP] Hope this is correct!

> 1) Considering the cost of infusion sets is it
> possible to:
> a) use a site longer than 3 days?
> Yes - I consistenly go 5 days with my Sof-Sets

*****but again this is a very personal issue - I can go 3 1/2 days on a full cartridge of insulin - but that last 1/2 day (and sometimes sooner) my numbers are LOUSY - so I've started filling the cartridge about 3/4's full - and changing every 3rd day - seems to be better. But then again I use quite a bit of insulin - and that may make a difference - using "tender" sets.
> b) re-use infusion sets (rethread catheter/needle, apply at different site
> I wouldn't chance that one. If you use a metal needle it is easy to reuse.
*****have never done this

> c) re-use cartridges? (I have the disetronic h plus and it seems simple enough to reuse, but is there any reason you can't?)
> Yeah - the Cartridge Police come around every so often so beware of being jailed. Other than that, I reuse my MiniMed ones. ;)
*****I think the danger of reusing cartridges comes from the fact that you pull air and shoot it into your insulin bottle when you fill it - if impurities have gotten on it (or in it) - then you are putting those into your insulin bottle and could contaminate it.

> I know this may seem cheap and miserly. Rest assured, it is.> Eric
*****Eric - you are asking good questions - supplies ARE expensive. I finally got my new insurance to admit they were going to cover supplies and I got my first order - but I have no idea at what level - and I have another insurance that is kicking in in January but have been informed that with "coordination of benefits" that I will STILL be paying the same amount - which I think really really stinks.

Also I was concerned when you said you would be without insurance for 3-4 months while your company restructures - I would really check into this - that would put you into a "break in coverage" situation and any new insurance may NOT cover you for anything diabetes related (and they can make ANYTHING diabetes related) - cuz it's "pre-existing" and you won't be coming into it with a certificate of previous coverage. COBRA is horrible, expensive, and a pain in the you know where - but for us - it's also a lifeline - please do check into the situation more closely - I know I don't have all your facts and am only going on your basic info - but this subject is WAY too important to let slide.

Linda & Dax
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