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[IP] Re: Sites pulling out from abdomen but not other areas

Hi Shelly.
     Claire also uses the 6mm Quick-sets and 43" tubing.  We only use her 
backside for sites.  She started with sites on her tummy but a site failed 
after 2 weeks of pumping, quite suddenly.  The nurse then said that the back 
works much better for kids, so to only use it.  After 7 months we need more 
areas for sites and I would like to start again on her tummy.  But like Luke, 
it is so flat (unlike mine!) I can't imagine a site holding in there.  
     Wish we could try the Novolog, but it isn't available in Canada yet.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> We've been having trouble in the past month or so with Luke's
> sites pulling out or bending if they're in his abdomen, especially
> after P.E. or recess.  This hasn't happened with hip/buttock or
> love handle back sites.  We're thinking that he's just so lean
> now & that it gets close enough to muscle on his belly that when
> those get really exerted that they bend the cannula or pop it out.
> Luke uses QuickSets, 6mm with 43" tubing.  The tubing is usually
> coiled & tucked in his waistband, with about 6" free play to his
> pump & to his site.   Other than this issue, pump life with Novolog
> & QuickSets has gotten pretty smooth.
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