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[IP] Re SPortguard

Hi Chanie,

Erica, our 13 yr old, has used the sportguard and yes the belt can be cut down
to a very small size if you wish.  It uses a slip and fasten method, so can me
changed quite easily.

I don't know how long your pumper plans on being in the water, but when Erica
was 10 (when we first got the pump), we never bothered with a sports guard
because she would not require insulin during swimming.  Her basal rates were
so low that disconnecting her for swimming actually worked better, she was
less likely to go low and we wouldn't bother bolusing her for the insulin
missed.  it wasn't uncommon for her to be in the water for an hour without any
extra insulin.   Now that she is older and bigger, her insulin needs are
higher so she does still disconnect for swimming, but if she is going to be in
the water for any length of time she might give herself a bolus before going
swimming  or immediately afterwards.

Hope this helps :)

Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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