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[IP] high blood sugars during pms

I definately am insulin resistant in the week leading up to my period.  It is not due to giving into cravings.  I don't have any during that time. I usually feel too bloated to want to eat!  All my cravings come mid cycle.  I agree with Liz - doctors that say it's due to cravings just don't understand the issue.  I am fortunate to have a doctor who completely understands the issue and urged me to try the pump because of my very significant rise in insulin requirements during pms.   I raise my basals by 50% across the board during the five or six days leading up to my period. And my total daily insulin dose goes from approx 27 units to around 40 units per day.  And then when it starts, I usually crash IMMEDIATELY and go back to normal basal rates.  Another reason to hate PMS days.
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