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  I realize that humalog and the other 2 have been altered. Thank you for
explaining it. I didnt know what the difference was. But humalog is only
used for diabetes right? I think its wrong to make it a prescription
item. They can charge twice as much because of it. Most of us are using
one of the new types now. Also I use a mail in pharmacy and dont have a
prescription available at a regular pharmacy. I think somehow we should
all be complaining to someone about it being made a prescription. And
since it is a prescription, the cost is twice as much. For people without
insurance its very unfair. And costly. I was told by a pharmacist that
since it acts quicker than regular insulin it could be more dangerous. I
believe that it dosnt matter if it acts in 5 minutes or 30 minutes.
Either one causes low blood sugar and as diabetics we need to know how to
treat lows and how the different insulins act. Its different for each one
of us. We dont need to be charged any more because they make it a
prescription. We need insulin to live. Its only to make more profits for
Doctors , pharmacies, and drug companys alike.
Susan & gadget
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It seems to me that we should be lobbying to have a med that we need to stay
alive, not matter how it's made, to be non prescription or an affordable
price.  There has been no outcry that I've heard of from the ADA or anyone
else.  I just got 3 bottles of Humalog and it cost about $122.00.  That's for
a month.  It has gone up regularly since I've been using it and it seems that
it will continue to do so.  I have to think about whether I can stay on it or
not in the very near future.  I don't want welfare but just a normal price
My insulin and prescriptions cost more a month than my mortgage!!!!  Where is
this going to end?  And, what are we going to do about it??  There is power
in numbers, however, like stated above I don't see any revolt on this issue.

PS  I don't think doctors make any money on this nor the pharmacies but the
drug companies are cleaning up.  They put millions into ads and we have to
pay for that.  We pay more than any other country for meds.
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