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[IP] pms/birth control

I am  very lucky in that I do not suffer from pms symptoms of any kind and
my period only lasts about 3 days max. However, my bloods are somewhat
elevated and I jut do correction boluses. More because I am too lazy to futz
with my basals. But I will say the birth control affected my sugars a lot. I
was much more "brittle." After trying many different kinds, I eventually
went to Depo Provera shots (yeah more shots!) It made a big diff in my
bloods, they were much more "normal." I managed to convince my nurse
practitioner and the prescribing doc that, since I know how to give shots
anyway, I could get the depo by RX and give myself the shots at home. I
saved a lot of $ this way, as my insurance does not cover birth control in
any way shape or form. (Even with my endo's insistence that it was a medical
necessity.) The shots also had less of the typical side effects of the pill.
(Weight gain, etc)

And for the guys - Yeah football, GO PACKERS!

Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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