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Re: [IP] Re:allergy to cannula???

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 21:27:15 EST email @ redacted wrote:

>Help... I've tried new tapes,new preps and new sets. I started on the soft
>set, switched to the quick set and am still having welts that are very
>ITCHY!!! Minimed and my dr suggested I try the bent needle set. Does anyone
>have any info on this? I realize it does not have the plastic cannula... they
>feel I may have developed an allergy to the plastic.I am nervous about not
>have a device to insert it and leaving a needle in. The Dr. said up until a
>few years ago that is all they had...I'd love to hear what people think of
>the bent needle and if anyone still uses it. I am sooooo frustrated. I love
>my pump but can't stand the itchy irratated welts I am gettin after less than
>24 hrs>HElp?!?

When I started pumping in 1995 the bent needle was the only infusion
set available. I found that insertion of the bent needle was
essentially the same as inserting the needle of a syringe, to which I
had become very accustomed since starting insulin injections in 1942.
My greatest concern  in 1995 was whether the bent needle would be a
problem when I rode my bicycle. Actually it has been no problem at
all. Since 1995 I have logged 16,865 road miles on the bicycle, using
nothing but bent needle infusion sets. I have never even tried any of
the newer infusion sets because the bent needle worked for me, and
because I heard complaints from some of the users of the newer sets.
Complaints about plastic cannulas becoming kinked are not a problem
with bent needles. Bent needles don't kink.

I suppose you may wonder about having a metal needle in place for 2 or
3 days. I have never noticed any discomfort, whether I was walking, or
riding my bicycle, or sleeping. Apparently there are a few people who
are allergic to metal needles, so that could be a problem for some. I
have noticed that insulin sensitivity seems to go down after a site
has been in place for 3 days. Usually I change sites every 2+ days and
find that a full reservoir (300 units) covers 3 site changes. I prefer
to locate my sites above my waistline because sites below the
waistline have to contend with hypertrophy. I use the MiniMed MMT-165
bent needle with quick release and 42 inch tubing.

I suggest that you ask MiniMed or Disetronic for a few samples of bent
needle infusion sets and try them to determine whether you get itching
with them or not. If you have any more questions, please ask.

Tom Beatson
Dx 1942, pump since 1995
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