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[IP] One bad dr visit!!

Alright everyone, 
 What a week first of this is final week for me here
in college. I made a routine dr appt with my primary
care dr. to get a refferl to another Endo, I changed
insurance and had to change endo, naturally!! Well
anyway went in with some minor thyroid probles, He put
me on synthorid. Any side effects??? Second of all I
was haveing pain in my lower back, he thinks is a
bladder infection, then he listens to my heart and He
found a murmmer! ( it keeps getting better) He looks
as my eye, and ask what is wrong with it, I relplied
Nothing! Well he says it is lagging and it just
happens to be the one my eye doctor found a hemorage
in a few mo. ago.  Then he looks at my feet and sees a
ulcer that is has been there for a few mo, then he
says  we have to keep a watch on my blood pressre too!
What kind of rountine dr visit was this? I didn't even
take my mom with me, because I told it was just for
paperwork! But I am glad her looked me over. So
Thursday they have me scheduled for and EKG, and
Friday for a Opthomology appt. So I tell you what!
Sorry I just needed to vent a little! I am a little
worried aboout all these things! I still have a final
to go this week too! If anyone has some advice on any
of these medical problems, let me know I would
apperciate your advice!! Thanks for listening!!!

- Just remember ....
   "It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
             foot prints you left behind!"

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