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[IP] Re:allergy to cannula???

Help... I've tried new tapes,new preps and new sets. I started on the soft 
set, switched to the quick set and am still having welts that are very 
ITCHY!!! Minimed and my dr suggested I try the bent needle set. Does anyone 
have any info on this? I realize it does not have the plastic cannula... they 
feel I may have developed an allergy to the plastic.I am nervous about not 
have a device to insert it and leaving a needle in. The Dr. said up until a 
few years ago that is all they had...I'd love to hear what people think of 
the bent needle and if anyone still uses it. I am sooooo frustrated. I love 
my pump but can't stand the itchy irratated welts I am gettin after less than 
24 hrs>HElp?!? 
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