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[IP] can anyone help?

I am at my wits end!  I am from Missouri and I have Central Reserve 
Life(CRL) as my primary insurance.  I have been on the Disetronic Insulin 
Pump since 04-1995.  I now am trying to purchase a new D-Tron.  I also have 
to utilize the Healthlink PPO network.  Disetronic is not currently a 
Healthlink PPO (they are in the middle of contracting) So I have been 
working with Edgepark Surgical, which has been a horrible expierence!!!  CRL 
is telling the supplier that they will pay for a purchase of an insulin pump 
since it has been pre-determined that it is a covered benefit under my 
policy and that since this is not a rental option they will be paying the 
purchase price but in 6 monthly installments.  They will take the Healthlink 
contracted price and break it up into 6 payments to the supplier.  Well, 
guess what, the supplier(edgepark) will not do this because they have had 4 
other patients in the past with CRL and it takes CRL 6 months to make the 
first payment and then they also cannot bill my secondary until the final 
payment is made.  I am outraged by the purchase price payment over 6 monthly 
installments.  Also if these payments fall into the next calendar year they 
will also have to deduct from those payments my calendar year deductible 
again even though the purchase happened in 2001.  At this point the purchase 
isn't going to happen because the supplier is regusing to provide this to me 
and there are no other Healthlink suppliers in this area to provide it to 
me.  I have talked until I am blue in the face.  I am physically ill over 
it.  My secondary is changing as of 01-01-02, which adds tons more issues to 
my problem.  I have talked to numberous people at the insurance company and 
NO ONE will help me.  One manager even flat out told me that they have been 
treating insulin pump purchases this way for 11+ years in this fashion and 
they aren't going to change now.  I have also made a complaint to the Dept 
of Insurance which will take months to hear from and I have spoke with an 
attorney for advice.  I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Even 
though this is a purchase and CRL has acknowledged that it is a purchase 
they are going to pay it in monthly(rental) payments. Does anyone have any 
suggestions or has anyone out there been through this?  You can email me at 
email @ redacted
Thank You
Laurie D.

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