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[IP] Re: Kidney Transplants

I wrote 
<<The Washington Post Health Section today has a really interesting section 
on kidney transplants.  I would be interested in the reaction to it of people 
who have personal knowledge of the procedure>>
In a message dated 12/11/01 10:42:34 PM, email @ redacted writes:
<<  My question in return - after reading the article(s) - is what kind of 
reaction are you looking for? BTW, I did not read the article on the gory 
details. Perhaps that's where I'm missing out. YMMV (~_^)>>

Well, one thing that struck me strongly was here was a case that was set up 
to be a model.  Both donor and recipient were reporters, and the health 
reporter for their newspaper was in the operating rooms.  There were still 
annoying administrative glitches, and a very serious operating room problem.  
Of course, part of that is my having had less than wonderful experiences with 
that hospital over the years <gr.>.

But, yes, the issue of a second transplant -- and where that idea takes one 
in terms of need for future transplants.  And reaction to the level of pain 
and incapacity presented in the case relative to others.  And reaction to the 
description of the operation -- I was fascinated by the gory details in the 
operation description, but was unable to get the video on my computer :-(.  
But I have noticed that such descriptions don't always match what the patient 
perceives as the reality.

Linda Z
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