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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra and varying consecutive readings - comments?

Catherine Popper wrote:
>...I'm extremely sensitive to insulin and had a hell of a time correcting 
>the low.

Out of curiosity, what is your carb-to-insulin ratio? Also, what's your 
total daily insulin dose?

>...I can't afford to buy extra strips, and now whenever I have a high 
>reading I should have to test three times to get an average reading? 
>Doesn't sound right to me.

Actually, my first suggestion was a bit more reasonable -- you could target 
for 180 instead of 120 and see how that works out.

>[Experimenting is] very expensive...I've never had this problem with any 
>other brand of meter and ...I'm not sure I feel comfortable using the Ultra.

Changing meters is, like some other things, a delicate proposition. At 
least, with meters, you can go back. ;-)

regards, Andy
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