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Re: [IP] for those who have high blood sugars during pms

At 09:19 PM 12/11/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >i was just wondering for those girlies out there who get higher blood sugars
 >around pms time.... do u get cravings as well?
 >i read today that the reason we get higher blood sugars is because we eat 
 >sweets, crave more food... etc..
 >do any of you see this as the reason?

I think attributing this to cravings or eating more sweets is analogous to 
telling us we are non-compliant.  It's the lazy physician's way to explain 
what he/she doesn't understand.  Why assume that just because we might have 
cravings we are giving in to the craving?  Or that if we do give in to them 
we are not covering the food with insulin?

I know how to cover the food I eat with insulin pretty well, and I'm 
conscientious about doing it.  But a few days before my period starts I 
always have to raise both my basals and my carb to insulin ratio in order 
to maintain stable blood sugars.  This isn't because of what I eat, it's 
because of the hormonal activity going on in my body.

There is pretty good evidence that the elevation in progesterone and 
estrogen prior to menses can cause problems with blood sugar.  Both of 
these hormones are elevated prior to your period.  Progesterone tends to 
decrease your insulin sensitivity (elevate blood sugar), while estrogen 
tends to increase your insulin sensitivity (decrease your blood 
sugar).  You'll see a different effect depending on the ratio of 
progesterone to estrogen levels in your particular cycle.

There's a very good article on this subject on the IP website at 

BTW I usually see a sudden decrease in my blood sugars once my period 
starts.  I figure it's the estrogen kicking in.  And the cravings I get 
beforehand don't require insulin. ;->

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