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[IP] Re: arm hurt


Believe me, Kevin's blood sugars will skyrocket because of his injury and
the pain.  Just seven weeks ago, I broke my shoulder; and, it was because
of Jan on this listserve, that I realized I needed to up my basal rate
(although I was on MDI at the time--will go "live" on the pump this
Thursday).  For at least a week, I doubled my basal rate--I still need
extra insulin now to cover the pain.  After physical therapy, my sugars
go really high.  Please do make sure that you get Kevin's elbow checked
again.  I had the exact same "nausea" response, and my shoulder was
swollen for about three weeks and black for nearly six weeks.  Luckily,
kids heal much faster from bone injuries, because their bones are
growing.  Do use ice for the pain/ swelling--twenty minutes at a time.

Will keep Kevin in my prayers.

Ruth Stingley
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