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Re [IP] Kidney Transplants

Linda Z wrote:
The Washington Post Health Section today has a really interesting section on
kidney transplants.  I would be interested in the reaction to it of people
who have personal knowledge of the procedure.  Click Here: <A
 ">washingtonpost.com: Special Report</A>

Linda Z

I do not have personal knowledge (firsthand) of the procedure but belong to
a Yahoo! group of kptx-ers and know of their stories. My question in
return - after reading the article(s) - is what kind of reaction are you
looking for? A) A 2nd chance at a 2nd chance? B) bi-racial response? C)
non-related donor?  I'm just curious as to what the *real* question is since
I'm not sure it came through, at least to *me* it didn't.

BTW, I did not read the article on the gory details. Perhaps that's where
I'm missing out. YMMV (~_^)

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