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Re: [IP] Earthlink Question

I have never had a problem with Earthlink Since they merged with 
mindspring . I'm sure Megapath(never heard of them) and Worldcom are 
fine too. If you were satisfied with Verio's Service then you will not 
have a problem with Earthlink's service, It will probably be much better 
and I don't believe they will discontinue dial up service on you. 
Earthlinks dial up numbers are now all toll free numbers, that's a plus. 
As long as you don't go with AOL as you internet provider you probably 
won't have much of a problem.


Michael wrote:

>>Just a general question (not diabetes related-sorry) for the list. 
>>I just got an email notice that Verio will discontinue dial-up
>>services as of January 9, 2002.  They are transferring all current
>>dial-up accounts to Earthlink dial-up.
>>My question for y'all is: How good is Earthlink?
>>Thanks for the info.
>Earthlink sucks big time.
>I'd recommend Megapath or Worldcom. Both are national tier one 
>providers that have reasonable customer service. Both are in the 
>INTERNET business, not the phone business and understand, at 
>least a little better, what internet users need and want. Some small 
>local ISP's will provide better support but won't have their own 
>national sonnet rings (fiber).
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