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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra and varying consecutive readings - comments?

> I don't see a problem with any of the numbers. 

Considering I never had this problem with other meters
I've used in the past, it's a problem. I think most
meter users don't expect perfection or total accuracy
-just a consistency they are comfortable with.
Whatever my *actual* BG reading might be, the
arbitrary number on my meter screen should rise and
fall consistently. Or at least that's what I've
experienced in the past.

You also know that
> you'll need a correction 
> bolus.  I wouldn't have the 
> slightest problem myself "eating enough to fix
> that". 

I'm glad to hear it.But I'm extremely sensitive to
insulin and had a hell of a time correcting the low. 

> I recently posted a comparison of the One Touch
> Profile to the One Touch 
> Ultra and found the two to be comparable. 

I actually responded to the email. My two meters when
tested together ofter showed the exact same results,
leaving me confident in making the switch. I didn't
want to have to get used to the Freestyle which shows
higher readings and worry about lows all the time.
 I'd test twice in a row for a while and see
> if the analysis was 
> precise (reproducible).

My whole beef was that I can't afford to buy extra
strips, and now whenever I have a high reading I
should have to test three times to get an average
reading? Doesn't sound right to me.

> There are a lot of sources of variation that are
> under my control. I'd rule 
> out those sources first before focusing on the
> meter.
Makes good sense, excepting the fact that it's very
expensive. Also, the point of my email and my call to
Lifescan was that I've never had this problem with any
other brand of meter and (even though I realize this
is all an imprecise science) I'm not sure I feel
comfortable using the Ultra. At least on the higher
readings - I haven't had a problem with lower
Thanks for responding to my email.

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