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Re: [IP] One Touch Ultra and varying consecutive readings - comments?

Jan, welcome to the real world of scientific instruments.  20% 
accuracy is about as good as it gets for small mass produced BG 
meters.   You can't worry about correction boluses with any more 
accuracy than that.   Don't even try.  And likely your body's 
physiologic needs vary by perhaps more than even that.
   As one of the old timers who remember the days before home BG 
meters, when BG was measured from blood samples taken at the docs 
office twice per year, 20% accuracy in a pocket sized meter than 
gives a reading in 5 sec with only a 3 microliter sample seems quite 
heavenly indeed.  *S*

<<<<<<<I had the same situation, and the same response from Lifescan. 
I told them
that I wanted the meter traded out, since I no longer trusted it.  I was ill
with a sinus infection and hormonal, the combination really threw my blood
sugar off.  I got some wildly different numbers.  Twenty percent seems like a
large gap to me.  Especially when it comes to giving a correction bolus, it
can make a major difference.  I was a little disappointed in Lifescan~the
woman I talked to tried to talk me into believing that the 20% difference
wasn't a big deal.   Jan>>>>>>>>>>
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