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Re: [IP] Re: Afternoon Highs on Pump-HELP!


  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua.  As it states in the book, if you are having 
trouble with a certain consistant time frame you need to make the adjustments 
approx 90-180 minutes prior to the needed change.  I always calculate it out 
to about 2 hours prior for Josh.  So, if her BGs are consistantly going up 
around 3pm then at around 1PM you want to increase the basal rate.  You 
realize that that 30 point drop in one hour in the AM is WAY too much of a 
drop in that short of time.  And she did it again at noon.  You may want to 
rethink those time periods.  I know I would.  As a matter of fact during 
Christmas break we are going to re-visit all of Josh's basals.  His early AM 
ones are perfect for covering his DP.  And the early morning prior to lunch 
seems to be going well.  He is changing again in the afternoons and drops 
real fast (opposite of your daughter) so I need to drop those basals right 
after lunch.

Anyway, just remember that this is an ever changing situation.  What may work 
today probably won't work tomorrow.
Hang in there!

mom to Joshua
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