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[IP] New here..

I joined the list a few days ago, and now I have my pump in hand (blue
mm508), but I have to wait until January for my training and pump start.  It
seems SO far away, when I feel I am really ready to start now.. have played
with the infusion sets (the quick sets MM send me w/ the quickserter, along
with the softsets w/ softserter, and the silhouette without any kind of
"serter" I did that all on my own, amazing since I am a big needle wimp!),
and I've played with all the pump functions, so I feel very confident in
what I am doing when I push buttons now.

I've read the MM workbook and the pump manual, Pumping Insulin, and numerous
sites on the web (and this is one of them!) and as a result I feel like I
have a good grip on when and how to start "pumping".

I have read in the archives some, and there is mention of some people who
actually started pumping before their "training" was scheduled.  Of course
this is tempting to me, as my endo and the staff in their office have had
little to no input as it is regarding my insulin doses.  Aside from my
requests to go onto Lantus and Humalog from R and NPH, they've been
relatively uninvolved.  I like it this way, as I like feeling so secure
about the choices I know, knowing that I have a pretty good idea what I am
doing, and that they are there for help and advice if and when I need it
(has only happened once).  I'm not dependant on them, which I think is a
really good thing.

My dilema is, that the CDE who I am seeing for my pump training, I've never
met.  Mostly I deal with the nurse practitioner in my Endo's office (we work
really well together, and she is totally open to me having as much freedom
with my treatment as I do), while I know she would be fine with me just
"going for it", I don't know how the CDE will take it.  I suppose I could
"go for it" and then maybe "pretend" as if I hadn't been pumping when I go
for training, or just go for it, and then show up pumping.

What does everyone here think?  Any advice from someone who was already
"live" at their training?

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