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[IP] Humalog, Novolog, Lantus by prescription only

>   I have not send e-mails here yet. I read them all the time. I just
> thought people should know that Humalog insulin and Lantus Insulin
> are by RX only. Its covered by my insurance so I didnt know. I feel
> its very wrong. Im traveling and I didnt bring enough insulin with
> me. So i thought i could go pick up a bottle at the pharmacy. I had
> 20 units left in my pump when I finally got a RX sent to the
> pharmacy so I could get it. When i went to pay for it the cost was
> $47.70. Almost twice as much as Regular insulin. When I asked why I
> was told that the FDA thinks Humalog could be more dangerous, So
> they made it a prescription item. 

Humalog, Novolog, and Lantus are not true insulins and thus are not 
covered by the Federal law that requires insulin and syringes for the 
treatment of diabetes to be available over the counter on request. 
Humalog, Novolog and Lantus are what is know as "insulin analogs", 
that is they are very similar to true insulin. The difference in each 
case is just one or two amino acids in the insulin B-chain of each 
molecule. Those differences are what give each of these three insulin 
analogs their unique characteristics. These insulin are made in the 
same fashion as other so-called "human" insulins and in all other 
respects, the body pretty much treats them like human insulin.

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