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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #620

  I have not send e-mails here yet. I read them all the time. I just
thought people should know that Humalog insulin and Lantus Insulin are by
RX only. Its covered by my insurance so I didnt know. I feel its very
wrong. Im traveling and I didnt bring enough insulin with me. So i
thought i could go pick up a bottle at the pharmacy. I had 20 units left
in my pump when I finally got a RX sent to the pharmacy so I could get
it. When i went to pay for it the cost was $47.70. Almost twice as much
as Regular insulin. When I asked why I was told that the FDA thinks
Humalog could be more dangerous, So they made it a prescription item.
Bottom line is. If you need it you need it. They can charge twice as much
for it because it is a prescription. And its not fair to people who have
no insurance. There forced to go to a Dr for a prescription and charged
twice as much. When you have diabetes , thats enough. You shouldnt have
to fight to get your medicine. It took all day for me to get Drs to call
up here to give them a RX. Otherwise I would have had to go to emergency
and get a prescription at the cost of about $100.00 plus whatever else.
Just to get a needed bottle of insulin. 
Thanks for Listening
Susan & Gadget
PS. What can we do? 
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