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[IP] One Touch Ultra and varying consecutive readings - comments?

I had an intersting conversation with a customer
service person at Lifescan. My complaint was that more
than once I had had readings that didn't seem right,
and upon re-testing found variation in results.
Example: I tested one day (when I was on oral steroids
for asthma - yikes) and my BG read 340. I didn't feel
like I was 340 but I gave a correction bolus. I tested
BG again for kicks right away and the meter read 280.
I immediately checked again and the reading was 310. I
had a tough time eating enouh to fix that gaffe. At
Lifescan they said:
1)you should allow an error margin of up to + or - %20
when getting BG readings. She said the percentage of
error between 280 and 340 is %17 (don't know how she
came up with that number). 
2)when immediately retesting, use a diiferent finger,
as the first drop of blood is the truest. If you
squeeze a second drop from the same puncture you risk
contaminating the blood drop with other tissues,
therefore varying the result. 

I started using this meter because it was supposed to
be one of the best. I really like the meter, but I've
never had this wild variety in test results before.
Anybody else noticed this?

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