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[IP] uploading pump info

Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 22:21:35 +0200
From: "The Kaddens" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] uploading pump info

we have a cable to upload meter info, and I was wondering if anyone has
experience uploading pump info. currently, we have to insert manually.
we heard there is a comport for the minimed (we use the 508) but that it is
fairly expensive.
does anyone have any experience with it?



I have some experience dealing with the comport that works with the MiniMed
Pumps, and I have good news, and I have bad news.  

The Good News
MiniMed did design a set of software that works with a cradle that connects
to all MiniMed Pumps and connects to a Personal Computer via a serial com
port.  The reports are very good, very useful and very helpful in dealing
with pump information, insulin delivery, and even blood sugars.  The
Software also has the ability to download blood sugar readings from I
believe 3 different glucometers and correlate it with the delivery of
insulin given by the pump.

Here is a web site that talks about the tool.


Now for the bad news.  Notice the website above is under the doctors section
of the MiniMed web.  

I have been told by several MiniMed employees that MiniMed is only able to
distribute this software and cradle to Doctors and CDEs.  They cannot, or
will not sell it to the general insulin pump wearing public. 

I have used this device in my CDE's office several times.  I typically drive
the 30 miles and go in and download the information from my pump and print
it out at the CDE's office, and then carry it with me to my Dr.
Unfortunately my OneTouch Ultra Glucometer does not work with the MiniMed
software, so I have to work off of 2 separate sets of reports; one from the
pump, and one from the glucometer.   The web page says that it does work
with Roche and Lifescan meters.  If I used either of these meters, I would
plug my serial cable (from my meter) into the cradle (that holds the pump)
and the data from my glucometer AND my pump would be combined INTO A SINGLE
REPORT onto the computer that is running the software.

I am a diabetic that is in charge of my own disease.  I, like most of you,
make decisions daily on how I am going to handle different situations.  I
have enjoyed reading this insulin-pumpers web site on a daily basis, and I
am continually amazed at some of the creative ways you guys go about dealing
with the every day situations life hands you.  I am a computer literate
person.  It is hard for me to understand why I cannot have this cradle and
software on my PC at home to help me do a better job of managing my

When I asked MiniMed about this they told me that in order for them to
distribute (sell) this equipment to the public, they would have to have the
cradle and software FDA certified, and this process can take a long time.
No one I have talked to yet at the Clinical Support department at MiniMed
has been able to tell me WHEN or IF MiniMed is pursuing making this tool
directly available to its insulin pump wearing customers.

To me it is a shame to have taken all of the Talented Engineers time and
energy to develop this wonderful system, and then not be able to make it
available to those of us who would benefit from it on a daily basis.  I
would argue that many of the thousands of MiniMed Pump wearers out there
don't even know this tool exists. Any of you fellow insulin-pumpers who work
closely with, or for MiniMed, could you please help me understand why this
is?  I don't mean to sound overly critical of MiniMed.  They must have
reasons for acting this way.  

Does anyone else out there have another solution that is able to marry
insulin delivery information from a pump and blood sugar reading information
from a glucometer into a SINGLE report without having to re-key either or
both sets of data?

I would like to hear about it if it exists.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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