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[IP] re:IP] magnetic/nikken products and minimed 508?

thanks for such a quick reply jim. i don't understand a word you said, but
i'll have someone here at work explain it to me. so would something at
1000 gau 2 feet away from my pump make it stop working ?  i work at a
nuclear power
plant- i have so many geeky engineers around me it's scarry. no social
skills, but they're all really smart. :)
and yes, i get that there is absolutly NO scientific evidence to my
satisfaction that says putting these things, or crystals, or anything else
around me will help. i truely believe in the "dumbo's feather' phenomenon.
if you think it will work, it will. i am at the point where i am ready for
that feather that will help me physically so i can hold down my job and
my social life. i
don't care if someone
told me swinging a dead chicken over my head and chanting would help-it
couldn't hurt to try, right? :) i just want to make sure it won't harm my
pump. if so, i'll look for another feather...;)
thanks for humoring me...;) if anyone out there really does use these, how
many products have you used at one time with your pump with no problems?

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