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RE: [IP] Palm Pilot software for diabetes

Hi Kathleen,

I agree with a lot of the other responses. It heavily depends on what you,
your mom plans to do with that thing. There are many options out there. Here
are my 2 cents on the topic.

First the software:

I have tried a couple programs and found that DiabetesPilot
(http://www.diabetespilot.com) is the easiest and fastest to use. It runs on
fairly any model. Right now, however, it does not take fractional numbers as
input (either insulin, carbos, or BG readings) - which is a major drawback.
I talked to the owner of the company and he told me that there will be an
update this december. He is using a pump himself and knows about the
importance of having to enter fractional numbers. Even with this drawback I
still vote for this program - but give it a try.

The hardware:

It depends on the planned use and the money you have at hand to spend. I
still use a Palm III model with 4MB memory and I am quite happy with it. I
use for a little time keeping and keeping my log - before transfering the
data to my desktop program. If you don't really need color (I never did) go
for one cheaper handspring models - they have a fairly basic one with 8 MB
memory which I believe it sell's for something about $130
Overview&prod_cat_name=Deluxe). This is not the basic, basic model but
somewhere in middle. Palm starts at $99 and goes up to $399 for their color
model, and Handspring have similar deals but are slightly less expensive
when compared to the original Palm. Sony has some models too.

So my advice would be, Handspring Deluxe with DiabetesPilot.

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