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Re: [IP] new pump user

Hi Carol,

   I will be receiving my pump on Tuesday too!  I am nervous and excited
as well.  Don't know how long it will take to run through the training
before they will do an actual "hook up".  Have been testing carb
counting for the past week or so using Lantus and Humalog.  It's easy
when you eat out of boxes, but haven't quite gotten the numbers right
for some of my own recipes.  I was really surprised at how much variety
there is within the exchanges themselves.  No wonder I have been having
lows - I've had too much insulin on board.  
am using a 15 carb to one unit on insulin but think I still need to
adjust a little as I still have some moderate lows.  Perhaps 18 to 1
will work better.  

  I will be using the Amimas pump.  There is a Deanna on the list who is
also starting soon.  Have not seen her post for a couple of days and am
anxious to see what she has to say about her first days on the pump.

  I live with my husband and two daughters (16 and 12) in Northern
Virginia.  I teach computer assisted knitwear design at various seminars
and workshops around the country but have decided to stay put through
March 2002 to try to stabilize my blood sugars using the pump before
trying to throw travel into the mix.

  My brother has had diabetes for 31 years and just started on the pump
this month.  He is not on this list otherwise I would have him speak for
himself, but he is completely enamored.  He was so thrilled to be able
to do simple things like SKIP A MEAL?!? and have his BS fall no lower
than 100!  Sold me.  What *I* really want is to go on a family bike ride
and not have to eat every 15 minutes, although being able to skip or
delay a meal until you are truly hungry would be nice too. 

  Good luck.  Let me know how things work out.
  - Ann    

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello, my name is Carol, I'am a 30 year old diabetic and I'am going to be
> starting to use a insulin pump for the first time on Tuesday. I'am very
> excited but yet very nervous. I have heard that the first few weeks are awful
> and filled with lots of sugar lows. I was wondering if anyone could tell me
> about their first few days or weeks? I will be using a Disetronic -H tron
> plus.
> Carol

Ann Gervasio        mailto:email @ redacted
Herndon,  VA        http://www.KnitsByAnn.com
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