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[IP] arm hurt

Hi all,

Happy Holidays.

I have a quick question that I think I know the answer to already...but...

Kevin hurt his elbow/arm yesterday and we THINK it is not broken (xrays were
inconclusive due to growth plates) and just sprained, but he is in a lot of
pain. His bg's were in the low 100's for days with this site, then BOM he is
high since the injury occured. It is because of the pain I'm assuming, but
please confirm this for me.

Funny story: How he did it? We were in the grocery store and he had his one
foot up on the cart and was leaning into the cart with his arms. The elbows
were sort of locked into the handle place. Anyway, the cart moved and his foot
was caught and he lost his balance and fell. His arm got caught also and was
pulled then he fell right on the elbow on top of that! It is swollen and very
painful. He had the "pain response" of nausea and profuse sweating so, since
we were in the Dairy Isle...we had him sit in the edge of the milk frig to
cool down. :)  The store manager offered ice to us, but we said he just used a
gallon of milk! tee hee. It seems since dx almost 3 years ago, we go to the
hospital once a year whether we want to or not! :(

Thanks for your help.

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/19/98
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