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[IP] Appendix removal

I am just wondering how others who have had their appendix removed while on 
the pump got around the ignorant surgeons.  Friday evening I had a surgeon 
refuse to let me place my infusion set in another area so I could remain 
hooked to my pump while they removed my appendix.  I could understand why 
they needed to take it off of my stomach area, but he would not let me have 
it attached, period.  When I tried to explain that I knew what I was doing 
and that I wanted to be incharge of my diabetes he said that I couldn't be 
incharge of insulin dosage while I was knocked out.  Well, duh.  Did he 
think I was going to bolus in my sleep?  He said that they would put me on a 
sliding scale of regular after the surgery.  So, I was on the operating 
table when they said this.  What could I do, say no, I'm not going to have 
the surgery.  So I went to sleep and when I woke up the recovery nurse said 
to me, "Kate we're going to test your blood sugar."  Guess what it was?  
278!!  Guess what else?  They had me on a dextrose drip.  I found out later 
that when the surgeon had told my dad that they had taken out the infusion 
set, my dad asked why and the sugeon said, "I've done a dozen pancreas 
transplants.  I know what I'm doing."  Well, anyway, the entire day they had 
me on this sliding scale I didn't go below 250.  They finally let me hook 
back up to my pump at about 2pmm on Saturday and I've been between 80 and 
115 since then.  Sorry this is a little long, but I would just like some 
hints on what I could do next time I have surgery.  Thanks for listening to 
my vent.
dxd 10/22/91
pumping 07/28/98

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