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Re: [IP] alcohol and diabetes

None, that's why they should be allowed to drink... not drive....   If they can
go to war, they can drink.  Hell, I am 36, and I am not responsible.

Thank you.  It is written.

In pumping news, my son, Nicholas, who is 6 and has been pumping since 6/22/01,
is doing excellently.  His a1c was high (2 months ago), because we caught the
little monster cheating and not telling us (halloween wrappers under the
cushions, under his bed, outside in the kids' swingset/fort thingie, etc....of
course, that's where we find the used test strips too!)  but since we confronted
him and I yelled at him saying that "Children are supposed to outlive their
parents!!!", he has shaped up and we have seen bgs within the range of 65-180,
sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but usually in really good range.

I, on the other hand, am doing horribly.  After living through the events of
9/11 (I was 110 feet from where the first plane crashed into neighboring 1 WTC,
and 36 flights from where the second plane crashed into my building (2 WTC, into
the floor I worked on for almost 7 years), and losing 4 co-workers, and more
importantly, my brother in law, I think that EVERYONE should drink and no one
should drive.

Mike O

PS:  What's with that e-mail address????

email @ redacted wrote:

>  teenage kids should not drive, really how many responsable teenagers do you
> know?
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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