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[IP] Diluting Insulin & MiniMed 508

Just a few questions about diluting insulin & the MiniMed 508...

1. Did you get the insulin diluted at the pharmacy or did you do it

2.Did you have any difficulty getting the diluent?

3.If the insulin is diluted 1:1 (i.e. 50%), do you have the pump set to give
the correct # of units (e.g., .2u per hour) and then set to U50 to get the
correct concentration but twice the volume??

4.How does the change to U50 affect the priming of the tubing and cannula?
Do you still prime 5u for a 23" tube?

Thanks for your help,
Beth (son Robbie, 7, dx 5/00, Type I, Toronto, Canada, MiniMed 508 12/01)
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