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Re: [IP] Alcohol

My preference is Amaretto and cream, made like Kahlua and cream except with 
Amaretto, and I find if I bolus for 20 to 25gm of carb depending on the size 
of the drink I do well.  My second choice is hard root beer or hard lemonade, 
however I haven't perfected the bolus for those ones yet!

I normally limit myself to 2 to 3 drinks over about 3 hours, making sure 
there is at least 2 hours of non alcohol time before driving, so I don't 
really see any hypoglycemic episodes that I can attribute to alcohol- though 
sometimes I find I lower my basals a little too low for dancing (if I don't 
dance as much as usual) and have to bolus  a little to correct for that.

aka Mouse
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