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Re: [IP] Palm Pilot software for diabetes

Kathleen Peterson <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello! I am just writing to ask if anyone could help me. I am asking for a
> palm pilot for Christmas from my mother. Well, I don't know exactly what
> of diabetes software there is out there for diabetes...so, could anyone
> me with that? If anyone has any input, etc, about this particular subject,
> please email me. Also, what kind of pilots are out there that anyone would
> recommend? Thanks in advance!

I use GlucoPilot, available at
http://www.healthetech.com/h/products/products_glucopilot.html.  From what I
can tell, getting softwear for the PalmOS is sort of like choosing a pump -
it all depends on the features you want.

As far as *which* Palm, that depends on how much your mother is willing to
spend.  If price is not an object, then I think the Palm 505 is your best
bet.  I have a Palm IIIc, which I chose because it was the only one
available with a color screen at the time.  If you want wireless
connectivity, then you need the Palm VII.  You can check out all of these at

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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