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[IP] Alcohol

This may seem a little anal retentive but it may help someone out there. I
drink Gin & tonics, almost exclusively. Gin lowers BS in most diabetics
(read this somewhere and from personal experience). I have been known to
bring along my own sugar free tonic when I cannot control how much is being
used per glass. Bartenders have always willingly obliged.

Most of the time I drink I am at a friend's pub and the bartenders there
know to measure an exact amount of tonic (reg, not sugar free) for me. I
then bolus mid way through the cocktail and test my bloods before every
drink. I also have a special 'alcohol' bolus ratio for my gin & tonics. When
I stick to this formula, I never have issues with high or low bloods.

I will say that, pre-pump, the two worst insulin reactions I ever had were
due to alcohol. So be careful, your mileage may vary, when you are smart,
you can drink and be merry. (Sorry I had to do that.)
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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