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Re: [IP] Increase in viscosity of blood with high glucose

>>> She had two flasks, one with normal sugar blood in it, and one with
sugar in the 200+ range.  The blood in the 200+ range was THICK!  I know she
was trying to prove a point, but was she overdoing it?
Any insights?
Barb,Erica's mom
Spot replied:
Blood does get thicker and symptoms of angina in patients with coronary
disease are not uncommon. In patients with arterioslerosis, a stroke can
occur. The blood is altered in other ways as well.  spot >>

I say:
Thanks, Spot, for that. A couple of years ago I posted a *recipe* on IP for
diff. BGs values (100 to 400) to see for ourselves. I got soundly laughed
at. One boy did it for his science project. A CDE gave me the recipe and it
sure makes sense to me. It *is* sugar in our blood and you'd think the more
we had it would make it syrupier. YMMV (~_^)

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