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[IP] too many tubings

Can anyone tell me why we can't purchase just the Tender infusion site
gizmos without the whole set including tubing? I order the TenderII
package from Disetronic which contains 10 site sets and 10 complete
sets. I change sites every 1 to 2 days, a cartridge lasts about 12 days
and I might change the tubing once during that time. To me it seems a
waste of insulin. It takes 20 units to fill the new tubing and that is
about what I use per day. After a year of pumping I have enough unused
tubing  to last another year!
- ---------------------------------------------------------- You and Bonnie
Richardson - she uses the unused tubings to tieup her tamato plants in her
the FDA requires this packaging and the manufacturers go along with it. I
change a tubing if it hs been pulled out and stretched by getting caught on a
door handle or if the cat was at it or my grandson. Frequent tubing changes
need not waste insulin. Disconnect the sil from the tubing and pull the
resuidual insulin back ito the reservoir than connect the new tubing and prime
it with the iunsulin you recovered from the old tubing. spot
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