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Re: [IP] alcohol

I used to drink a couple of beers once in while, When first diagnosed 10 
years a ago Doc said alcohol wasn't good but was never explained why. 
Back in July this year, still using needles at that point, I had about 6 
or 7 seven beers, can't really remember. I was on a lake in MI felt 
pretty drunk and had my cousins take me back to the cottage, next thing 
i remember is waking up in the ER. the docs told me I've beaten their 
record for the lowest sugar recorded at that hospital, 9, no award was 
given (o: . I thought the reason my sugar went so low was I accidentally 
took my shot twice in the morning, but just recently found out that when 
alcohol is in the system your liver does not release glucose as it's 
suppose to. Since that day I've realized I needed to check my BG more 
often and try the pump, Since Pumping in November I've only had one 
martini with no problem in sugars and am going to stay away from the beer.

Just an alcohol story which actually lead me to buy my first pump MM508


catherine popper wrote:

>I allmost always drink scotch, neat, with a water
>back. On the occasion that I drink wine, I always
>correct later instead of bolus up front. I think it's
>safer that way since alcohol is so funny, especially
>when drunk with a meal. When I drink scotch I never
>bolus if my BG is under 200 when I have my first
>drink. I also never get so drunk that I get sick or
>can't check my BG, which I do hourly when drinking.
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