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[IP] Pump Name

(I must need more to do, but I just had to get in on the issue of naming one's pump....)

It took little effort for me to name my Minimed 508 "Reepicheep"---a name which may resonate with the Tolkien readers ("may the hair on your toes never fall out") on the
list who read C. S. Lewis as well.  Reepicheep is the valiant talking mouse in Lewis' allegorical "Chronicles of Narnia."  Though small in size, he possessed a valiant
courage and is described as having a "mind full of forlorn hopes, death or glory charges, and last stands."  He pressed on when all others abandoned hope.

Given my very poor health and intense frustration when I started pump therapy a year ago (after nearly forty years of shots and real blood sugar control always just out of
my grasp), naming the pump after this dignified and heroic tiny creature seemed perfect.  Maybe it's the child in me who has never grown up, bless her!

whose last A1c was a formerly unheard-of 5.8!
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